View Full Version : install windows xp WITH external cd reader

11.07.2009, 23:08
So, I have a nb100 linux and I want to have also Windows xp.

I have an external cd player Philips cdrw400 which works fine under ubuntu.
Now, simply I have my copy of original windows xp and I put into the cd reader, I changed the boot sequence, so that cd/dvd is first, then I switch on but ...
nothing happens. THe linux starts as usual, not the windows setup (the disc is fine as I tried on another pc)

So, why it is not starting the setup?

second question, I want to keep the ubuntu version and have a cool dual boot with windows xp. What are the right steps to do this?

third, I tried to start the nb100 with an external live cd linux, but it didn.t work again. It seems the nb100 is not using the external cd reader, but it is correctly working under ubuntu,. Is there antthing I need to do in advance ?

thank you

12.07.2009, 13:39
I think there is something broken in the boot selection process on the Linux NB100. I had to leave the F2 bios selection alone and use the F12 boot selection. Maybe a later bios might help with this, but I couldn't sort out how to upgrade the bios with the hardware I have and without reverting back to the original Ubuntu installation.
Try putting the bios boot selection back to original, restarting and hitting F12.