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05.07.2009, 15:59
Hello Boys,
Few days ago I bought Camileo H20, it looks nice, but while viewieng of the videos the volume voice level is not acceptable for me.
If I would like to hear the voice i must volume my tv on max. Is it any bug in firmware or my cam is broken?
Is any firmware solved this problem???

and anoither question, i am using standard crc 29inch tv now, if i change it to fullHD 1920x1080, quality of the picture will be better?
if there is sense to change tv?

Best regrds,

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06.07.2009, 17:37
HI, what kind of sound has it, stereo/mono/dolby, i couldn't find?
Has it one or more mics on it?

This camcorder has just a resolution of maxim 1440 x 1080p not full hd, but for a 4/3 aspect it is the best i could say; any standard tv set is a forbidden one :D
Changing the tv has all senses :)

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06.07.2009, 18:14
one mic, and mono I suppose

06.07.2009, 19:58
So it has no audio zoom to better catch, i don't know els why it is so little sensitive, has no setting for that?

26.08.2009, 01:37

This low level volume seems to be a problem for all who has bought this product, inclusive me.
Toshiba should really fix this problem, Among all the other. This should be solved in a New firmware update.

Lets hope that they will fix this problem very soon and release the damn firmware upgrade!