View Full Version : Portege M200 - WLan disappears and cannot be connected again

02.07.2009, 10:58
Hey guys,

I have a toshiba portege M200 notebook with Windows XP Professional and Service Pack 2.

If I activate the WLAN adapter the WLAN network is shown once and I can connect me and use it problem-free.

If I deactivate and activate the WLAN adapter or it pass some time the WLAN network isn't shown. A reboot doesn't help.

Can somebody say what the problem is?

06.07.2009, 14:45

How did you deactivate the WLan adapter?
Did you use the switch at the notebooks side?

Usually the WLan should be enabled using the FN+F8 optionů
So if you your WLan will not work then you should use that the FN +F8 key combination in order to enable the WLan again.

Furthermore you should check if you are using the latest WLan driver...

Greets mate