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26.06.2009, 20:35

Just brought myself a new laptop. Its the Toshiba Satellite, L300-1BW. However i've already ran into a problem. I Can connect to my wireless home network fine. However 10-15 minutes after browing the internet, my wireless connection will just stop working.

When it's working it say's "Local & Internet", 10-15 Minutes after this it would just say "Local".

I know for a fact it isnt my Netgear as it work's fine on all my other computer's.

Im wondering if anyone could possibally help me. I Would appreciate anyhelp.


Edit - It seem's to work fine when my Laptop isnt charging. However when the AC Adaptor is in charging the Laptop, it work's for 10 Minute's then stop's.

26.06.2009, 21:35

If you use Windows Vista you should disable the WLAN power saving function. You can find it in the Vista Power Management options. Check this!

Furthermore you should try to update the WLAN driver and the BIOS. Both you can find on the Toshiba website:
http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com => Support & Downloads => Download Driver

Last but not least I can recommend that you read the hundreds of threads about WLAN issues. There you can find so much tips and tricks how to increase the WLAN functionality and troubleshooting.


26.06.2009, 21:48
Thanks mate. Just updated my BIOS and now my connection work's flawless.

I Really appreciate it. Thanks

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26.06.2009, 21:50
Thanks for this fast feedback!

You are welcome! :)