View Full Version : NB100 - How to upgrade to XP Professional?

25.06.2009, 20:34

I bought Toshiba NB100 notebook with XP home version.

I am trying to make an upgrade to XP Profesional but have a problem. It doesn't let me do that as notebook version has service pack 3 and my XP Profesional version only SP2. I tried to put CD in to extrenal CD drive and reinstall system but I get a blue screen with system error - you have to unistall all your hardrive tools etc.

Have any one can help me with that?

25.06.2009, 21:04

Before you can start an upgrade from the XP Professional disk you must integrate the SP3. Otherwise it will not work or you can an error message as you. For me it’s logical because you can’t install a XP with lower SP version.

Anyway, you should download and install nLite. With this tool you can create a new installation disk with drivers, services packs and more. It’s pretty easy to use and I never had a problem with nLite. Use Google to find this program, it’s freeware.
If you have created a XP disk with SP3 you can upgrade to Professional version.

For a new installation you need the SATA drivers. Therefore read the hundreds of threads here in the forum and for this you can use nLite too.


26.06.2009, 14:19
I think that Luke is right.
If you make a “upgrade” (NOT clean install) then your disk which you are using for upgrade should contains the same SP like the installed OS on the HDD.
Otherwise you would meet such problems like BSOD etc…

If you don’t want to integrate the SP3 using the nLite then you should install a clean Win XP Pro OS and after the successful installation you could install the SP3.

I think this should work…. Theoretically ;)