View Full Version : Can't connect to WLan router - Satellite L300D

24.06.2009, 23:51
Please help me while I still have some hair left!

I have installed the WLAN driver on my Satellite L300D laptop, with Vista Home installed.

I can see my network in the available connections but when I go to connect, it won't connect.

My two other desktop PCs can connect to the router with no problem.

Any suggestions?


25.06.2009, 08:57

I think you didnít try any updates. Right?
Therefore my first recommendation would be a update of WLan driver and BIOS.

Check the current BIOS version which is available on your notebook. If newer version has been released then update the BIOS.
Additionally download the newest WLan driver from the Toshiba WLan portal and update it:

On this Wlan site you will find three different WLan drivers for three different WLan cards. Check firstly your WLan card and then use the right driver!


25.06.2009, 21:23

You should try to disable the power saving function of Vista that you can find in the power management. This Toshiba document could be useful for you:

Furthermore please check if you use the same WLAN standard on your notebook as on the router, for example 802.11g.

If you still canít connect you should try to update the WLAN driver. Check the link posted by Jayjay. In the device manager you can check what WLAN card you have so choose the right driver.
Before you install the new driver, remove the old version and then restart the notebook.