View Full Version : Re: Satellite L350 - Can't connect to my router

23.06.2009, 11:49
Wonder if anyone can help.

My Satelite L350 laptop will connect to every wireless network that I come across except for the one at my home. It is a Buffalo wireless router and other laptops will connect to it no problem so it seems that my laptop and the buffalo router wont talk to each other.

Anyone got any suggestions?

23.06.2009, 13:14

If you search for wireless networks in range can you see your Buffalo router?

Make sure that you are use the same Wireless standard on the router and notebook, for example 802.11g or draft N.
On the notebook you can check this in the properties of the WLAN card (device manager).

If you are using Windows Vista you should disable the power saving feature of the WLAN card. You can find in the power management.

Have you tested another notebook on your router? Maybe the router causing this problem and not the notebook…