View Full Version : NB200 - Only little speed difference between RAM modules?

19.06.2009, 09:47
Hello everybody,

Recently installed Windows 7 on my NB200, and figured I'd install some extra RAM.

The only RAM I could get, was 2GB of the 667MHz, as opposed to the 800MHz that the NB200 comes with. I figured that doubling the RAM would more than compensate for the slight difference in mhz between the new and old RAMs.

From what I understand, there is only little practical real world speed difference, between the 667MHz and 800MHz RAM, is this correct?

Also: The 2 GB RAM I got had twice the amount of chips on the RAM slot than the old one. Is this something I should be concerned about? I'm worried that double the amount of chips in such a small place might lead to heat/cooling problems... Any opinions?


22.06.2009, 02:33
There is not much difference between 667 and 800, in fact I think the CPU runs at 667 anyway, but 800 is supplied due to the limited availability of 667 RAM.

Cooling shouldn't be an issue if the RAM uses the same timing and runs at the same voltage as the original RAM.

22.06.2009, 18:40

As Akuma said you will not notice a stronge performance boost with 800 MHz modules. There is only a little difference between these specifications.
I think you will not notice any different. Only some benchmarks tests run can show a difference.

But you can buy modules with 800 MHz. They are downgrade compatible to modules with 667 MHz.