View Full Version : EA60-155 sound and modem problems

31.05.2005, 17:59
3 weeks ago i received my EA60-155 laptop and have experienced continuous problems with the sound and modem on the laptop. I purchased the laptop from currys so am sure that they are an authorized dealer.

The problem differs, sometimes i will turn the laptop on to find out there is no sond and the modem doesnt work, other times the sound works and so does the modem for approximately 15 minutes before the problem arises again. i have bought the machine to the authorized dealer in bahrain twice now, both times they have said the problem has been fixed when it has not. I have also called the call centre twice but still I have the problem. Any advice would be greatly appretiated.

01.06.2005, 13:53
Hi, when you say modem not working what kind of error messages do you
receive from Windows, e.g. modem not responding, no dial-tone etc ?
Also when the sound stops functioning do programs like Windows Media
player appear to be playing audio with no sound ?? do you get audio
using the headphone jack or do you receive a Windows error message ?
It does sound like a fault with the laptop so if I was you I would go back
and make them check it out again.

Richard S.

24.06.2005, 12:20

If you have this problem constantly you can try to reinstall modem and sound card. If the unit is preinstalled with recovery DVD it should work properly. At first you can try to remove the sound card and the modem from device manager and restart the unit. Both hardware components should be recognized and installed again.

If there is no success I recommend you to save your data and reinstall the OS using recovery DVD. On this way the unit will be “clean installed” and there should not be any problem. Every problem that occurs after that can be some hardware malfunction and you must contact service partner again.

Good luck!