View Full Version : No Wlan icon in network connection on Satellite A30

08.06.2009, 13:12
Hi all

I have Satellite A30.
I cannot connect to wireless as there is no icon in network connections.
I have Belkin notebook card and have installed driver for it.

I had all this working before but had some work done on laptop (more ram installed).
I'm stuck using ethernet cable. I have 2 other laptops running on d modem, all are fine.

Need help! I been trying to sort this for days (easy on d tech talk)

08.06.2009, 14:29

Is the WiFi card recognized properly in device manager or you have a yellow exclamation mark?

But I don’t understand why you don’t connect if you don’t have wireless icon in taskbar… This icon can be simply enabled or disabled in network connections. Right click on the WiFi connection, properties and enable “Show icon notification…”

If the card is installed properly can you see your router? If you try to connect do you get an error message or something else?
What happens exactly?


08.06.2009, 15:39
hi in device manager under network adapters it shows "Network adapter" has "!" across it and belkin wireless network utility shows nothing in "status or connections"

08.06.2009, 15:46
sorry under network adapters network controller has yellow exclamation mark and it tellin me no driver is present wont reinstall or roll back

08.06.2009, 15:47

I recommend removing the WLan card from the device manager (mark it and press delete) and to reboot the notebook.
After new reboot the OS should recognize new device (WLan card).
Possibly you will need to install the Wlan driver again. If the OS would ask for the driver then install it again.
Then go to the Network Connections and check if the WLan network icon would appear

08.06.2009, 16:47
Hi deleted card reinstalled driver ,different version .finally got wireless on but think card is knackerd ,wont keep connection happened before, thanks for d help much appreciated

08.06.2009, 21:25
Great news, buddy!!

I doubt that your WiFi card is faulty. In my opinion this can happen from time to time because Windows and all other software aren’t perfect.

If this doesn’t happen anymore I think your WiFi card is ok.

Good luck! :)