View Full Version : Satellite A300 - wireless keeps getting disconnected!

04.06.2009, 12:35

i'm using a Toshiba Satellite A300 windows vista.
Internet was working fine for 2 months until i keep getting disconnected after 10 minutes since last week.
It has become really annoying now ..

I've tried everything which i could. If you can help me in anyway it would be much appreciated ..

Other pc's and laptops are working fine at home so that means there's nothing wrong with the router. I haven't installed anything (such as skype) which would cause this .. I have no idea how it suddenly happened? It was working perfectly before.
I've updated the drivers and everything ..

I'm thinking of taking it to a shop but i don't know if even they could fix it?
I've seen other people with same model facing similar problem.

Any solution?

Please help me out im really looking forward to it. thanks in advance.

05.06.2009, 15:05
Ok buddy, you said you have updated the drivers and everythingÖ What have you updated exactly?
Normally if you have some issues with your WLAN connection itís only necessary to update the WLAN driver and the BIOS. Did you do this?

Furthermore you should disable the WLAN power saving function in Windows power options. This Toshiba document can help you:

Have you checked if the notebook and router uses the same WLAN standard? For example draft G? Both devices must use the same so check this!!

By the way do you run the factory settings or have you installed your own Windows version? In worst case you should try to restore the factory settings using Toshiba recovery disk. This is recommended to determine if itís a hardware or software issue.

Now Iím out of ideas but I hope I could help you! :)

05.06.2009, 21:28
I updated Intel and realtek something ..

And do you mean choosing maximum performance on wireless adapter settings? Yeah I did that too .. I don't have the recovery disk itís at my home in other country!

It was working fine yesterday until it started doing the same annoying thing again! What confuses me is what happened all of a sudden? It was working smoothly before? What happen to other people who were having the same problem? I guess they can really help.

Thanks anyways keep it coming!