View Full Version : Satellite Pro L300 - How to switch on wireless?

29.05.2009, 13:34

my daughter has had a new old Satellite Pro L300 laptop for 2 months. No issues then this week wi-fi will not connect. Computer asks me to swich on wireless card. When investigated the wireless card does not show on my devices and the button on the front does nothing. It worked fine for 2 months .

Any advice ?


29.05.2009, 13:53

You can switch on the wireless connection with the hardware switch on the notebook and the key combination FN+F8. Did you check this?

In your case I would update Wireless LAN driver. You can find it on the Toshiba website:
http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

Furthermore try to load the default settings in BIOS and look on the Toshiba website for a BIOS update. Maybe it works.

Are you running the factory settings or have you installed your own Windows version?


29.05.2009, 17:09
Hello Steve

Please check device manager again and let us know what the exact status of WLAN card there is?
Is WLAN card listed properly or maybe with yellow question mark?