View Full Version : Installing win xp from USB Stick on NB100

28.05.2009, 08:36

I have tried the most common methods of trying to install win xp from a USB flash drive but iam getting the blue screen on death about 1 minute into it...

Can somebody give me a reliable method on this?


02.06.2009, 01:41
Its messy, but it is possible: http://www.ngine.de/article/id/8

Also have a look at WinPE (google is your friend)

02.06.2009, 08:19
A possible alternative, if you have a spare IDE CD-ROM lying around, is to connect the CD-ROM to the netbook with a USB to IDE adapter. I have recently bought a Plexus USB to IDE & SATA Adapter, Works great with HDs, I haven't tried it with a CD-ROM yet mind. Having said that, a USB CD-ROM drive would probably cost about the same as the adapter.

03.06.2009, 18:41

This method worked for me yesterday. :-)