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29.05.2005, 13:57
Hi all,

I just bought a Qosmio F10 and would like to give my old Tecra 8000 (P2 300Mhz, 8Gb, 192Mb RAM) to a friend. This computer is running very well on Windows 98 1st edition and I still have all the installation disks. I would like to reformat the hard drive in order to remove my identity, and upgrade the operating system to a newer version of Windows.

My questions are:
- Which operating system considering the low specs ?
- How do I reinstall Toshiba notebook features ?
Thank you in advance.

01.06.2005, 15:33

you can try to install Win2000, Toshiba provides W2k drivers ad tools https://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com in the Driver Download section!

W2k should run with 300Mhz, but I think it is very slow and not userfriendly with 192MB RAM!

In my opinion you should try to setup W2k ad check if it is fast enoug to wok, otherwise reinstall Win98 SE and the drivers and tools (also available at the posted link)

bye Tok

04.06.2005, 15:22

TOK is absolutely right. Check on Toshiba site which OS is supported for your unit because the Toshiba specific tools are designed just for supported OS.