View Full Version : NB100 - How to setup internet dongle on Ubuntu?

14.05.2009, 15:41

I have just received this and am trying to set it up for my step mum but having a bit of difficulty and wondered if anyone can be of help

She has a t mobile internet dongle which she wants to use with it (operating system on the NB is ubuntu) but it does not recognize it as a normal computer would just recognize the driver automatically.

So wondered if anyone could help me as to how I set it up

19.05.2009, 01:37
You need to find Linux drivers for that dongle.

First, find out the manufacturer and model of the USB device.
Second, google that model number along with "linux driver"

If you can't see the model number on the USB device itself, you may need to plug it into a Windows PC and view its Device ID in Device Manager.

21.05.2009, 21:36
If the dongle is Vodafone (or at least the same make eg Huawei) you can download the Linux manager from their website, the software is unlocked and allows new profiles with APN's for other networks.

The link is [Linux Drivers|http://www.betavine.net/bvportal/web/linux_drivers] and definitely works with an unlocked Huawei dongle.