View Full Version : Installed XP Pro on Equium A-60 and can't find USB bus controler drivers

27.05.2005, 22:33
I am looking for bus controler driver for Equium A-60. I have found all the other drivers i need on toshibas download page, any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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28.05.2005, 10:08
Hi egobob,

do you have a yellow mark in device manager?

I have read the installation instructions, there is also no usb driver mentioned.

You can look on your Tools&Utilities CD. If it is not there then I think you don't need it.

13.06.2005, 09:39
Hi bob

As far as I know all drivers that you need you can find on Tools & Utilities CD. Please install ATI Chipset+Display Driver V6.14.10.6430 again. I am not sure but they are listed separately on download site.

15.06.2005, 11:13
Hi Egobob,

I believe that the USB drivers are generic and are therefore included in the basic XP system on installation.

I don't think that Toshiba include USB drivers on the tools and utilities CD and likewise don't have them available for download from the Toshiba website.

You may, of course, need specific drivers for any USB devices which you attach unless they are Plug'n'Play.