View Full Version : Satellite A100-784 - Intel PRO Wireless 3945ABG disabled randomly

06.05.2009, 02:36

I have Toshiba Satellite A100-784 with Intel PRO Wireless 3945ABG wireless adapter.
Today I was working with my friend on some project connected on his wifi shared internet connection on Toshiba Satellite A100-510.
After a period of time I lose internet connection and I see that blue computer icon is not in system try anymore.

I try to use Toshiba ConfigFree but it was unable to open, so I try to open network connection from control panel and after a period of time network connection was accessible and I saw that network adapter is disabled. I try to enable three times but nothing.

After restart everything was ok and Wireless adapter was enabled and ready to use for next 10 or 15 minutes.
First disable happen after two hours. I am using Windows XP SP 2.

The problem is that I must restart my computer every time when I lose internet connection (WiFi is disabled automatically).
Everything is blocked its very hard to access network settings or toshiba configfree


11.05.2009, 02:03
Try this:

Update the laptop's BIOS
Update the Intel Wireless LAN driver
Use Static IP addresses, instead of Dynamic (DHCP)
Temporarily disable your Firewall software
Update the Firmware on your Access Point