View Full Version : Satellite X200 - not happy with the brightness

05.05.2009, 02:27

I am pretty happy with my laptop, the only thing that bothers me is a screen brightness. I tried to increase it with preinstalled flash cards, with NVidia manager (quite desperate tool) and it was not enough. Now I am thinking if it is possible to replace screen LED with more powerful lamp?

Just if you know any solutions, I will be happy to know them. Thank you.


05.05.2009, 02:43
My friend has an X200 and I find that the brightness is decent, its actually brighter than my Tecra.

The thing is with laptops, they rarely match the brightness of external monitors due to power limitations, so if you need a super bright screen, one option would be to use an External Monitor. 22" monitors are quite cheap these days :)

Otherwise, you'll just need to do the following to achieve maximum brightness:

1) Use AC power
2) Turn up the screen brightness to 100%
3) Use the nVidia Control Panel to modify the contrast
4) Increase the brightness in games (if thats what its used for)
5) Decrease the daylight/lighting in your room

Unfortunately the LCD's have a custom connection, so it would be difficult to replace the screen with a brighter LCD.