View Full Version : Toshiba Libretto L5 / 80 - Display and battery driver problem

23.04.2009, 19:06

I reinstall my Toshiba Libretto L5 / 80, unfortunately a haven't got any CD with driver and after an instalation, system can't detect display driver (i can see only 800x600 resolution, not a 1280x600, it's a ATI Mobility Radeon-M but clasics driver from ati site can't be install) and battery driver (i can't see battery info, don't know a type of a baterry). I can't find drivers on toshiba's site, please, if anybody know where can i download it, or better, if somebody send me driver on mail (dubydu@seznam.cz), i'll be very pleasure. THX for any reply.


23.04.2009, 20:40

I thought most Toshiba notebook models are known to me but now I am absolutely confused when I saw the picture of this “beauty”. ;)
Where you bought this notebook?

As you can see this notebook model is not listed on Toshiba Europe support page. Is this maybe some Asian model? US maybe?

24.04.2009, 11:25
thx for reply

I bought it in czech internet saleroom portal from the man who has transferred the notebook over the see, but i don't know from what continent...

on keyboard are some none american keys, but i can't identificate more...

21.06.2009, 06:45
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