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19.04.2009, 14:30
Hi there, i`m new here and I apologies if this has been covered,i have searched the forum but came up with nothing.

I have a:
Satellite pro a200
Windows XP.

My laptop had xp professional installed and the onboard wifi was working.
I had issues with the laptop overall but the wifi worked. I formatted it last night, installed a new copy of xp home and now the wifi doesnt appear to be recognised. The light is on ,on the switch but i cant seem to get the laptop to recognise its there.

I havent given you much I know but I hope I can get it sorted.

Any questions you may have i will try and answer with as much info as possible.

Thanks, Kirky.

19.04.2009, 17:22

Please not that after installation of Win XP the BIOS should be updated!
The Toshiba page should provide an special BIOS update for Win XP OS.

Jus one note; the notebook could be equipped with different WLan modules and therefore you should be aware of right WLan chipů Your WLan card would not work if you would try to install not compatible driver!!!

19.04.2009, 23:17
Hello, thanks for the advice.

I have flashed the bios and also installed the latest driver. Now I can see my home network but the notebook now wants a WEP Key to continue. In the last few weeks i have connected 2 xboxs and 2 mobile phones to this network without any issues. Now I want to connect a notebook it is asking for this key and I don`t know what it is, or where to locate it.

Thanks, Kirky.

20.04.2009, 01:06
All sorted. i`m on it now.

Thanks for all your help. I think i will stick around. :)


20.04.2009, 16:05
Great news!