View Full Version : Satellite M70 - ConfigFree - error turn the WLAN switch on

15.04.2009, 14:24

I know I saw many items in Internet about this problem but, so far, no correct answers nor solutions.

In Satellite M70, even if the wifi switch on the front is "ON" and led lights, ConfigFree sounds and tells "error ..turn the switch on" and also is anable to find wifi devices all around.

I have the last drivers, the last version, I disabled wifi MS program control....nothing.!!!
Is not a big problem, wifi is operating but it seems a embarassing BUG for Toshiba....

Bye from italy

15.04.2009, 14:40
I doubt itís a Configfree bug.
The Configfree is preinstalled on my Toshi and itís running great.

Here a short info how to use Configfree:

Note; such message will appear if you have not enabled the WLan correctly!
You have to switch the WLan switch to ON (LED should appears) and additionally you have to use the FN+F8 option in order to enable the WLan