View Full Version : Satellite A300D - Wireless network disconnects frequently

13.04.2009, 17:49
I have a Satellite A300D laptop, I am using a t-mobile share dock as my wireless router but every couple of minutes my internet connection cuts off, I have to switch off the wireless switch on the front of the laptop and switch it back on to regain connection, I have checked my settings and its always on.

My wife has one non-Toshiba laptop and this never loses the connection.
Is there a fix for this problem as it is only on my laptop this happens which leads me to believe it's the wireless adaptor on the laptop?

Any feedback would be gratefully received.

14.04.2009, 16:11
I thought you have resolved this issue?
I found your other thread here in the forum:

22.04.2009, 19:02
unfortunately I thought i had resolved it but when using the t-mobile sharedock it still disconnects, my wife can use her laptop for hours without losing connection which is what makes me think its the a300d