View Full Version : Satellite Pro M70: ConfigFree says WLan is not ON

11.04.2009, 23:57
Hi there,

I'm currently running on wireless on my Sat Pro M70.
The WiFi switch light is orange (yellowish) so the communication is ON. The internet is working, no problems.

But when I launch Config Free application and search for wireless networks, I get the message "Wireless communication is disabled. Turn it on".
I have reinstalled Config Free, but get the same problem.

It seems this application cannot see my switch enabled.
In Device Manager, the wireless adapter works and indicate the wireless is ON.

Clearly I can seee the available networks through the Systray network icon, but I'm wondering what's the problem with Config Free. Anyone any idea?


12.04.2009, 10:26

The WLan must be enabled using the WLan switch and additionally you have to enable it using the key combination FN+F8.

But why you are using the ConfigFree to establish the WLan connection?
I don’t use it… in my opinion you can simply establish the wireless connection using the Windows own WLan options or you could use an Wlan configuration tool like Intel ProSet…
Both options are easy in use…