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11.04.2009, 10:46
Hi had to reload this machine from the Tosh disk supplied, but ever since then have been getting intermittent issues with the display - goes black for a while then drops into a much lower resolution. Whilst I have found if you switch it off an on again, it resets it, this is not really a long term solution. I also found a command in the forum to reset config changes, but again this is only short term.

However when I looked in the displays and graphics program, the monitor is listed just as "plug and play" and for graphics adaptor, the first setting is blank and the second says Generic VESA.

Surely this can't be right? Should there be different settings? Do I need to load a driver?

12.04.2009, 11:25
Perhaps this will be helpful:


12.04.2009, 12:33
Hi, thanks, have tried that and it resets the display to the right resolution.

However the entries in the graphics and display settings are still as above and I'm not sure if they are correct.

13.04.2009, 15:01
What do you mean with "entries in the graphics and display settings"? /etc/X11/xorg.conf or program Preferences/Monitor Resolution Settings? Monitor Resolution Settings says 1024 x 600, 60Hz, Normal. Which graphics and displays program exactly do yo mean?

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19.05.2009, 07:25
This is a program on the menu which shows the settings. Don't believe I downloaded it so must have been part of the setup.

Anyway the display settings randomly keep reverting back even having reset xorg.conf

My hunch is that a specific driver is needed and at the moment it is defaulting to a generic one. I just wanted to find out what the out of the box settings/driver should be.