View Full Version : Wi-Fi network adaptor not available on my Equium A300D

10.04.2009, 11:46

Hope u can help; I currently have the Toshiba Equium A300D laptop. It got a virus and corrupted 1 of my hard drives, which I now canít use, however I installed the operating system on my other hard drive, everything was fine until I tried 2 connect 2 the internet, windows diagnosed the problem and said it couldnít find the network adaptor for my Wi-Fi.

Can anybody give me some help in resolving this issue?

Many thanks

14.04.2009, 12:58
>...couldnít find the network adaptor for my Wi-Fi
Is WLAN card recognized and installed properly?
What is the status in device manager?

If everything is OK there I presume WLAN card is not enabled properly. At first move WLAN switch to ON position and then use FN+F8 combination to enable WLAN card.