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10.04.2009, 00:26
Hello everyone!

My problem is with a Satellite Pro L20.

My hard drive broke so I replaced it. Now when I try and install windows xp pro onto the new hard drive it does nothing. First I put the disc in it starts to load up and say to press enter to start xp installation, R to repair windows or F2 to exit but when I press ENTER nothing happens if I press R it starts to look for windows to repair but no windows system can be found because itís not been installed yet does anyone know or have any good suggestions on how to get windows installed.

Any information would be most appreciated.

Could I also just add that when the computer first starts and itís on the first start up bit with the Toshiba logo it has 2 options F2 and F12 none of these work when i press them and also when I pressed r in the xp installation window you should be able to type exit and then enter to exit but some keys type and some don't but just be4 the hard drive broke it typed fine no problems, if this is the problem cos I can't press enter how do I fist solve the key board issue?

Thanks once again for reading my problem.
Kind regards

11.04.2009, 13:58
I used a plug and play usb key board while installing windows this worked fantastic

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