View Full Version : Satellite L40-14G - I can't find any wireless networks

08.04.2009, 21:55
I bought my notebook a year and a half ago. I had wireless connection by the moment I opened my notebook.

1 year ago the light that indicates wireless connection used to flash. Now it doesnít and the system cannot find any wireless networks around, though I know there are at list 3.
I tried to look for new drivers, but the thing is that I donít know which one to download.
The help index did not help me because it did not have any refferance on Vista home premium 32 bit.

I donít know how to identify the built-in Wireless LAN Adapter model.
Can anyone help me please?

And another thing...shouldn't Toshiba tempro have informed me about new wireless updates?

Thank you in advance

09.04.2009, 06:12
Maybe the Wireless switch is turned off?

Look for a switch at the front or side of the laptop.

09.04.2009, 08:55
It sounds like that your WLAN is not enabled. Have you checked this?
You can disable and enable WLAN with the switch on the notebook and by pressing FN+F8.

If it doesnít work you should try to install the newest WLAN driver. Look on the Toshiba website:
http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

As far as I know the notebook is equipped with a Realtek WLAN card.

29.04.2009, 15:15
I would have been a fool not to check the switch, but thanks for replaying

29.04.2009, 15:21
Those two keys do not show me anything. Dont work. Any idea why?

29.04.2009, 15:35
i downloaded Realtek driver, the newer version. The light of the switch turned on. !!You can now understand what kind of begginer i am. Thank you very much!!!!

29.04.2009, 16:01
Hey titamou

Can you use WLAN now or not?
Do you still need some assistance about it?

29.04.2009, 21:15
Everything is ok now. Thank you