View Full Version : NB100: upgraded BIOS to 1.90 in WXP, now Ubuntu freezes on login

05.04.2009, 08:36
As the subject line states. I upgraded the BIOS on our NB100 to 1.90 in Windows XP, and now Linux (ubuntu) freezes on login. We run a dual boot machine and WXP is still running fine. Ubuntu completely freezes when you log in and the full gui loads.

I suspect the network hardware is the issue.

Any ideas? Can the bios be rolled back to a previous version? I haven't found them on this site.


07.04.2009, 04:49
Maybe a BIOS Setting was reset to default or changed.

Try setting the SATA mode to "Compatibility" or "IDE" mode.

08.04.2009, 07:32
I'm not sure how changing the SATA mode will cure this. Flashing the BIOS shouldn't have changed any settings.

Remember that win xp is still running fine on this machine.

08.04.2009, 08:09
A BIOS update usually resets the BIOS to its default settings, so try changing the SATA mode. XP may have the native AHCI SATA drivers installed, which would explain why its not giving a 0x0000007B BSOD.
Linux may need to run in SATA Compatibility Mode.

05.05.2009, 08:26
I changed the bios setting and had no success with the lockups. After some experimentation I seemed to have isolated the problem to the network drivers. I disabled them through the "system>administration>hardware drivers"

Once I did that, and rebooted, the system didn't freeze anymore. Now here's the next problem. The machine can't attach to a network (wired or wireless) now. And where do I get current linux drivers for the network card and install them? The wireless card is an Atheros and the network card is a Realtek RTL810E.

05.05.2009, 08:30
You would need to get the Linux drivers from Atheros and Realtek. Or perhaps the Ubuntu forums can help.