View Full Version : Portege 700 Jumping Cursor and liquid on screen

29.03.2009, 20:15
Hi All,
My Portege 700 is just 2 months old. I am running XP on it. When typing, email or anything, the cursor jumps around to previous text in the message at random. I have tried to watch what is going on when this happens but can't determine what is causing it. This issue is so frustrating as I am always typing messages and it now takes me four or five times longer to to this simple task as it should.

I also have a liquid spot in the middle of the screen. I did take it to a repair center and they acted like they could fix, under warranty, due to a know problem. I have not spilled anything on this as they first suggested until they looked it up.. Anybody had this issue and what was the fix?

I am a novice when it comes to understanding my PC so when it doesn't work properly...I am totally lost.


30.03.2009, 06:42
Sounds like your palm is touching the Touchpad while typing. Go into the Advanced Touchpad Settings and disable "Tapping".

Are you sure its a liquid blob? Maybe the screen surface is just touching the Stylus surface? I've seen a similar problem on an old Tablet PC (it was not a Toshiba).
I would send the laptop to an ASP, maybe they can open the screen and clean it for you :)

30.03.2009, 08:34
It looks like that you are touching the touchpad during you type on the notebook.
Try to disable he touchpad with FN+F9, connect an external mouse or disable tapping in the touchpad settings. I think this should solve the problem.

The liquid in the screen should be cleaned from an ASP. I think itís the best solution if you bring the notebook the ASP.

Good luck!