View Full Version : CD read only gold disks: Portege 660

22.05.2005, 15:33
I had to format my portege 660cdt. I had no disks supplied with lattop.
Have installed win95 from cd and is working fine except that it is only reading gold disks. It did read other disks prior to formating.

24.05.2005, 11:15

I really don’t know what you mean with “gold disks”. You know very well that there is often no good explanation for some issues that happen especially for this “oldies”.

If the unit can read original music discs or data discs I don’t see there any problem. It is always nice to know that someone is very satisfied with these old units.

Good luck!

09.06.2005, 00:06
Barrie, thanks for the reply.

however the unit can only read gold CD's that i copied some time ago. it will not read any data from current silver CD's that i have recently copied data to. It also wont read audio CD's.

Will welcome any further information