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27.03.2009, 00:46

I have a Toshiba laptop with Windows WiFi.
I have had this laptop since Christmas of 07 jus recently the WiFi button (switch) doesn’t want to respond to the fact that the WiFi should be on.

Is there anything I can do in order to fix this mess up or am I going to have to go to geek squad?

27.03.2009, 10:09
You should give us more information about your notebook model and OS.

And what do you mean with it doesn’t respond? Can you switch between on and off?
Furthermore you can disable enable WLAN by using FN+F8.

28.03.2009, 19:24
well i do not really no what type of laptop it is but like on the bottom of the laptop there is a switch which turns on the wifi but for some reason it doesnt turn on their would be a light the turns on when the wifi is in effect but i can mess with it it and it does not turn on and i dont know what i should do

28.03.2009, 20:09
Hey buddy

The notebook model name and numbers you will find at the bottom of the unit.
There should be a label which contains such details.
Furthermore are you 100% sure the Wlan card is installed in your notebook?
In many cases the notebook has been equipped with the WLan switch but the card has not been installed… such WLan could be optional…
Check the device manager if the Wlan card is listed there.

As Raver said the WLan card must be enabled using the switch and the key combination FN+F8… if you don’t enable the Wlan card using the FN+F8 then the WLan card will not work even the switch has been moved to ON.

01.04.2009, 02:43
the thing is is that i dont have a wifi card its a wifi switch on the bottom and it works but now it doesn't want to turn on weather i switch it on or off

01.04.2009, 03:13
What Toshiba Model is it?

Tell us the model number on the Serial Number Sticker on the bottom of the laptop. You will see something like PSAG0A-XXXXXX

The switch wont work if there is no Wireless or Bluetooth or 3G device

11.04.2009, 20:00
Satellite L45-S7423

model no. :psl48u/013005

dc :19b3.95a

this is as much info i could find on the laptop

12.04.2009, 20:36

I found these notebook model specifications here on this Toshiba US page.

The Satellite L45-S7423 seems to be a US model and according to the details on the page it has been equipped with the WLan card or it can be upgraded with the internal miniPCI Wlan card…

However, if the WLan hardware switch which is placed at the side does not function then I assume an malfunction… Maybe loose contacts or similar… who knows…
I think an technician should check it….