View Full Version : Source for 2GB Memory for NB100-12A

26.03.2009, 23:55
Can anyone tell me where I can obtain the 2GM memory upgrade for my NB100-12A? How much does it cost? To install it, do I have to remove existig 1GM and replace with new memory or what is the procedure?

27.03.2009, 00:49
First, a question - are you running the pre-installed version of Windows XP? If so, I'm not sure it will support 2GB of RAM - does anyone know for sure? +Officially+ the NB100 only supports 1GB, so I'd check before spending any money...

Assuming your OS +does+ support 2GB, I'd suggest you try Crucial - good memory, good service and a fair price. If you go to the following link, you can enter the details of your netbook and it will provide a link to the correct memory:

[Crucial memory|http://www.crucial.com/uk/netbook/index.aspx]

It looks like it's about £20 at the moment - prices have risen lately :( You could get memory that's +slightly+ cheaper, but then you'd have the hassle of working out exactly what to get.

In terms of fitting, you need to remove the cover on the bottom of the NB100 (it's secured by a single screw). Remove the existing RAM and fit the new stick. Re-attach the cover and reboot - job done :)

27.03.2009, 01:08
That is a great help - I went to Crucial and this url: http://www.crucial.com/uk/store/listparts.aspx?model=NB100 appears to display the relevant details, . My NB100-12A OS is XP Home so as I will purchase the 2GM offered. Many thanks for putting me in the right direction.

01.04.2009, 21:44
UPDATED NEWS! Easy upgrade. The 2GBs was recognised immediaely by XP and I noticed the benfit of the increased improvement immediately. I used Crucial's on-line chat facilty to determine which of the two modules available to purchase. I was invited to purchase an optional extra 8GB Gizmo Hi-speed USB Drive which I am pleased I did because it has proved to be an invaluable accessary.