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22.03.2009, 15:09
Hey all, I'm hoping I can get some help.

Since I've come back from uni, my laptop has decided its wireless doesn't want to work anymore. When I scan, it cannot find my home's router and the icon in the taskbar has a cross in it. When I plug my laptop into the router via the ethernet, it connects fine then, and the wireless even picks up the router, but as soon as I unplug it the wireless dies again.

My laptop is a Toshiba P305 and has an Atheros AR9281 wireless adapter.
My OS is Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 32bit.

I know it isn't the router, since everything else connects to it fine - my PS3, this older XP PC (hence I make this thread), etc.

Sometimes when I boot the laptop up it does find my router (and a neighbor's), but when I try to connect to it it says 'Windows cannot connect to this network' and it simply disappears. I can also sometimes connect to the router after the Ethernet cable is unplugged but it has limited connectivity (i.e. I can't go on the internet) and soon drops out with the message 'Windows did not receive a response from the access point or router' and can't find it again

What I've tried so far.

- Restarting.
- Leaving ithe laptop off for a while.
- Switching the wireless switch off and on again.
- Checking I have the latest drivers for the adapter.
- Reinstalling said drivers.
- Checking to see if WLAN or other network services are disabled.
- Restarting certain services.
- Disabling then re-enabling the adapter.
- Physically sitting right next to the router and it still cannot find it.
- System Restore.
- Disabling WEP encryption on my router and using another security method, even disabling security entirely.
- Restarting the router.

I had no issues with the wireless before, it's just started happening yesterday.

Thank you for any help/advice, I'm running out of ideas.

22.03.2009, 17:10

I see you didn’t update the BIOS…
Well buddy… I think you should do this!
Update the BIOS and try again…

If you will notice further WLan connectivity issues then I would recommend changing the Wlan channel! This was helpful to me in the past!

I know you tried to update the WLan driver but check this Toshiba page for latest WLan driver version!

22.03.2009, 18:11
Thanks for the reply.

I have checked and I already have the latest BIOS version.

How would I go about changing the channel?

22.03.2009, 18:30

The Ad Hoc channel could be changed in the device manager -> WLan card properties -> advanced tab
But note; the router should support the same channel like the Wlan card!

22.03.2009, 19:45
Hi again. I have attempted this channel changing to no avail.

The system for connecting to the router keeps going round in circles. Sometimes it will find it (and the neighbor's). Then, I try to connect to it and it fails. I diagnose it and it says 'Windows did not receive a response from the access point'. Then my router disappears from the wireless list along with my neighbor's and when I click refresh it doesn't find them again.

I'm about to tear my hair out. It should also be finding a lot more routers as this PC and my other laptop, when scanning, can find about six or seven.

Please, do you have any other ideas?

22.03.2009, 20:21
No, I have no other ideas as the mentioned which means;
- BIOS update (check US page because this is a US series)
- WLan driver update
- Using different channels on router and WLan card

22.03.2009, 23:57
Anyone else have any other ideas?


23.03.2009, 02:39
Hey again

I tried Connectivity Doctor in Toshiba Assist and it says 'Possible cause - Antenna is disabled (turned off) with Fn + F8 feature', however the wireless switch is on and whenever I press Fn + F8 nothing comes up. Should something appear when I do and could this be the problem? If so, any tips/instructions?

23.03.2009, 10:24

Yes with FN+F8 you can disable/enable the WiFi card.
On my Satellite L300 this works perfectly.

Have you installed the notebook with the Toshiba recovery disk?
You should try to update the Toshiba Value Added Package. This contains all necessary tools for special functions like the FN keys.