View Full Version : Video Out - Tecra 8000

21.05.2005, 22:13
I have a Tecra 8000 with Windows XP Pro installed.
Everything works beautifully I have updated the BIOS to v9.3 - BUT I can't get the video out connections to work.
I have tried the RCA plug on the back, and also connected the SVGA dongle to the side jack and used the composite video out on that, but no signal seems to come out of either of them.

I have tinkered with the various different BIOS settings, used the Fn+F5 key all to no avail.
I have read in the forum here that others have the same problem, so I'm adding a plea for help with this one too. Can I ask, has ANYONE managed to actually get a composite video signal out of their Tecra?

24.05.2005, 10:40
Hi Peter

If your Tecra is preinstalled with Toshiba Recovery CD all drivers and tools should work properly. In this case there are, in my opinion, two possible reasons why this not works. Either is notebook the cause for this issue or there is some problem with the TV and TV setting.

Using FN+F5 key combination you can switch to external device. It will be interesting to know if this works properly with external monitor. It is not the same port but the tool is the same. You can also try to connect your notebook to another TV. It is sometimes not easy to say what the problem can be. If there is no way to have some success you need some professional help. Maybe the service partner can make a short check of composite video out port.