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18.03.2009, 22:27
My NB100 says:

*'Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:*


*You can attempt to repair this file by starting Windows Setup using the original Setup CD-ROM.*
*Select 'r' at the first screen to start repair."*

Obviously, this isn't possible. If anyone has a clue what I can do, please email me immediatly as my parents will kill me if they find out I've broken it!

My email is: space-ninja@live.co.uk

Thank you in advance xD

Bry x

23.03.2009, 01:28
That error usually means the Registry files are corrupted, possibly caused by the machine shutting off unexpectedly due to a flat battery or a forced power-off.

If you can access the Windows menu by pressing F8 when Windows starts to boot, choose a previous restore point or the last known good configuration.

If that doesnt work, you may need to backup your data and run Recovery to restore the HDD back to its factory state.

23.03.2009, 10:44

Try to restore a previous point as Akuma said.

If it doesn’t work you must restore the factory settings. Sorry but there is no other way.


02.12.2009, 11:10
hi I have the exact same problem
(& the same notebook ..the NB100)
I pressed F8 & chose last known good configuration but then it just went back to the original message

windows\system32\config\system is missing or corrupt

now when I try to press F8 it doesn't take me to that page where i chose the last known good config :S :S

i have the recovery CD but that wipes everything off the hard disk no?
All I want to do is access the files saved on the harddisk ...how do I do that? this is my Dad's comp. so he hasn't bothered to back anything up on his external hard drive (grrrr.)
anyway to do that? please help, I'm such a ditz!!

02.12.2009, 11:11
did you ever find out a way to fix your laptop? please let me know!

24.02.2010, 10:47

I have the same problem on may leptop,can you help me how did you solve your problem?

Best regards