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18.03.2009, 12:31
I've got an NB100 11R which means its running linux netbook remix that comes with it.

Disk makes a single click anwhere from every few seconds to every 30-90 seconds (but no light flashing) - only noticeable when drive is idle - seems like drive is trying to park heads or some such nonsense.

Very annoying as its quite loud and seems to get louder the hotter it gets!

Looking at the smart info on the disk it looks like the load cycle count increases by 1.

193 Load_Cycle_Count 0x0032 098 098 000 Old_age Always - 27398

I found a fair bit of inconclusive stuff on google but seems to relate to aggressive power management. I found doing the following in a terminal seems to relieve the situation to some degree but doesn't cure it.

sudo hdparm -B254 -S240 /dev/sda

Bios is V1.10

Has anybody else noticed this on theirs. I can't imagine this is doing the drive much good, but that click just annoys the hell out of me.

20.03.2009, 18:20
Hi, I have the same annoying clicking on mine. I've only had my notebook a week and i thought it was trying to do something at first, but it does it all the time and as you say its not regular. Also the battery seems to die on mine after about an hour is this normal ? I'm also using linux and have installed 2gb of ram dont know if this makes a differance.

20.03.2009, 19:33

Such click-sounds are normally causes of a faulty HDD. In your case I would backup the data on an other storage medium.

You can check the HDD with Drive Fitness Test:

Try it and post your result.