View Full Version : Re: Looking for RAM for (old) Portege 3490

07.03.2009, 20:04
I am trying to find RAM to upgrade my Portege 3490 from 128 to 256MB (max possible as I understand).
I looked at some sites on the internet but did not find RAM for this model.
Does anyone know of a shop / site to buy from ?
I am located in France-Paris.

07.03.2009, 20:18
Take a look here:
Memory for Toshiba Portege 3490CT

The Portege 3490CT handles max 256MB RAM.
But 128MB are internal memory so you can use max a 128MB RAM module!!!

You have to use the MicroDIMM like mentioned on this page!

13.03.2009, 16:06
Eldorado is right. Here just one info about compatible RAM.
Compatible RAM is SDRAM 128MB with part number PA3034U-1M12.