View Full Version : Installing XP on an Ubuntu machine

07.03.2009, 14:04
I have:
Booted with a W98 floppy.
Removed the Linux partitions
Created a DOS partition.
Formatted it.
Run the FDISK /MBR command to remove GRUB from the MBR.

I still get the "A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer. Check for viruses on your computer etc etc etc"

What do I have to do to install XP?

08.03.2009, 17:57
You need to switch the SATA mode in the BIOS from AHCI to Compatibility.

08.03.2009, 20:41
Then presumably switch it back if I want to return to Ubuntu?

09.03.2009, 02:11
Yes, I think so.

I've actually persuaded XP to work with AHCI (+after+ installation), but I don't recall exactly how! It involved installing some special drivers from Intel, but needed a lot of fiddling around, and switching the BIOS back to AHCI at just the right point in the process.

09.03.2009, 09:25
Thanks for that - just one more question:

What order (if any) should I install the XP drivers?

09.03.2009, 10:36
I doubt it matters. I actually did things in a slightly different way, using a program called nLite. This creates a custom XP installation, and allows you to incorporate the relevant drivers into the Windows install. I downloaded all the XP drivers and unzipped them, then told nLite to include the drivers from the folder they had been unzipped to. You have to be careful to only choose the appropriate drivers (e.g. 32 bit versions rather than 64 bit). It worked a treat, with all the drivers installed automatically by the time XP had finished installing :)

09.03.2009, 14:39
I CANNOT believe this!

NO drivers will install other than the LAN, and the Camera.

EVERYTHING else comes up with an error and will not install.

Would the fact that I had a slipstreamed SP2 CD have anything to do with it?

10.03.2009, 10:19
How are you installing the drivers? For most of them there are 2 or more options - you're not trying to install 64 bit drivers on a 32 bit OS (or vice versa) are you?

It looks like you at least got XP installed OK?

10.03.2009, 14:58
I did get XP installed correctly - even manged the AHCI stuff as well.

However, I actually bit the bullet, bought an external DVD drive and have done the simple thing, and restored the Ubuntu (which I have to confess I am rather partial to...)

Thanks for all your help...