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01.03.2009, 23:35

I have an Satellite P200-14O (PSPB0E) and I downgraded from Vista to WXP and now I canít get to work the wireless function. I have downloaded ConfigFree tool and when I scan for an access point it says: please turn on the wireless network device.

I already tried to download the WLAN driver but I donít think it has installed correctly.
Can someone please help me? Thank you very much

02.03.2009, 14:27

Is WLAN card installed properly and listed in device manager?
When you want to use WLAN connectivity you must switch WLAN card on using small WLAN switch.
After doing this use FN+F8 key combination and be sure WLAN card is enabled properly.

Can you use FN+F8 to enable WLAN card?

03.03.2009, 14:45

Looks like that you have WiFi disabled? You can activate it with the switch on the front of your notebook and with FN+F8.
Check this.

> I already tried to download the WLAN driver but I donít think it has installed correctly.
Why do you think this? Do you have yellow exclamation marks in device manager? I think itís not difficult to update the driver. Go to device manager => select the WLAN card => update driver.
Check the Toshiba website for a driver update: http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com


04.03.2009, 15:17
Hi DareDevil_555,

Also if you have downgraded from Vista to XP, a BIOS downgrade may be worth carrying out if possible.


08.03.2009, 19:14
Seems pretty clear to me that nobody has a real answer for the wireless problems (particularly with Realtek 8187B cards) when attempting to use WLAN under Windows XP.

I think people on the forum should start to appreciate that only a BIOS upgrade seems to fix the majority of people's problems.

I see a lot of posts along the lines of "well it must work, so you're doing something wrong" - seems pretty clear to me that Toshiba's tweaking of the BIOS' in some laptop models has basically really messed up the USB2/PCIe implementation of WLAN cards which causes issues with using them under Windows XP.

Visa is a cr@p operating system, any decent technical person fully knows that - so why provide XP drivers, when they wont actually work for many notebook models?! Have to say, in these cases where every option has been tried, it's Toshiba's fault. Providing XP drivers fully in the knowledge they wont work is out of order.