View Full Version : Problem with flash based webpages and re-installing windows

26.02.2009, 23:21
I bought Toshiba NB100 and use the netbook for a few weeks. In the beginning it worked all fine and exceeded my expectations.
However, for some time it experiences troubles with running flash-based webpages such as youtube and etc., making it not possible to stream any video smoothly. It basically makes a fast-changing picture slideshow :(
The problem here definitely is not the performance mode, which is set to the maximum.
I tried to get through this problem with re-installing the operational system, which is windows XP, but after transfering the Product Recovery content from the DVD to a flash drive, the system does not bring up a setup menu. It gives me an error report instead.
*I set the following qustions to you:*
*1. What can be the reason for the slow running applications?*
*2. Am I doing anything wrong when re-installing windows?* Ts there a simple user's manual for reinstalling the op?
Any comments, suggestions and advices will be highly appreciated and I thank you in advance.

03.03.2009, 02:29
So did you install a Generic version of Windows XP?

Maybe you forgot to install the Graphics Drivers, and other critical drivers such as the Intel Chipset Driver.

Do you see any problems in Device Manager?