View Full Version : NB100-12N Enabling of Sleep and Charge

24.02.2009, 23:09
What is the difference between Mode 1 and Mode 2 settings when enabling "Sleep and Charge" in BIOS?

I now use Mode 1 which works fine for charging my mobile phone when pc is turned off. But I noticed a Mode 2 setting also... what's that?

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28.02.2009, 18:44
Found answer in the user manual(!)

08.03.2009, 20:03
hi, i'd like to know too the difference between mode1 and mode 2 enabling "sleep 'n charge" mode on my nb100-111...i seen on the manual but found nothing!!!!

now i have set on "mode 1"

Someone can give us an answer please?

thx in advance

09.03.2009, 11:48
ok called the toshiba call center for assistance..they told me that "mode 1" is used for old peripheals usb..."mode 2" is for newest usb peripheals like usb 2 etcetc....

13.03.2009, 09:52
Well, what the user manual said was use Mode 1 - if that don't work use Mode 2. I have new peripherals (usb2) and it works fine with Mode 1. Got it to work that's the most important.