View Full Version : Anyway of connecting a PCMCIA module to a NB100 netbook?

22.02.2009, 23:47

I have a few PCMCIA expensive modules that I would like to use with my new netbook. For example, a TV decoder + video input that costed me about 100 Euro. The NB100 has no PCMCIA slot, of course.

I wonder if I could get some type of adaptor from PCMCIA to USB 2 or to SD slot. Do you know of any?

Thank you...

27.02.2009, 05:41
Google is your friend :)

Search for "PCMCIA USB Adapter"

05.03.2009, 01:17
Thank you. i notice it might not be a goo idea; there seems tobe no such an universal adapter; some PCMCIA modules work, others don't. Those adapters are mostly designed for 3G mobile modems and the like. (not my case)