View Full Version : Satellite A300 - Can't locate any wireless network

22.02.2009, 02:18
Hi all,

I just bougth today a Satellite A300, everything works fine except the Wireless access. Ethernet access works fine, and the problem is not with my wireless device as it is working with my old laptop.

Can not locate any wireless network. In the BIOS it doesn't seem to be activated the WLAN and I don't know how to enable it.

The wireles swicht on in the front of the laptop is ON, but not Fn+F8 function appearing at all.

Can someone help please?.

22.02.2009, 11:30
What you mean with that WLAN is in BIOS not activated? Normally you can change all BIOS options so try to activate it.
Make also sure that the WLAN switch is on and activated with FN+F8.

Check the Toshiba website for a driver and BIOS update:
http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

22.02.2009, 13:39
Hi Raven,

I mean that when I enter the BIOS, it appears:

Wake on Wireless LAN: Disabled

and can not find a way of Enable this option.

The System BIOS version is 1.60

which version should I select to upgrade it?.

The WLAN switch is on and if I do FN+F8 it says Wireless activated, so I am quite lost.

Thanks for any help.

22.02.2009, 13:45
I think you make mistake.
Wake on Wireless LAN has nothing to do with the WLAN functionality. With this feature you can start the laptop from the network if it’s off.

However, look on the Toshiba website an update but therefore enter your model no. You can find it on the bottom side of the notebook.

Make also sure that you have the newest WLAN driver installed.

22.02.2009, 14:17
Ok, thanks for the explanation.

I think, is it possible that I have not a Wireless LAN card adapter in the laptop?, how can I check this in Windows Vista?. And if I haven´t got it, how can I get it?.

Because, I am right thinking that I need and adapter and the driver for it?.

I will look now in Toshib site to see what I can find.

Thanks again.

24.02.2009, 16:06
Hi Raver

Thanks very much for your help. I looked for the adapter and couldn´t find at all. Finally, I took the laptop to the shop, and they said that this is common problem with Toshiba A300 series and they are seing it very often.

It seems that the adpater is there, but not installed, and it is not Intel, so it appears as unknown adapter.

Finally, everything is working fine!. Thanks for all your help.