View Full Version : Satellite P300-1AD often disconnects with wireless N

22.02.2009, 01:32
Hi, I have read the threads about this topic and have to admit that I have the same problem. I have updated by BIOS and I am using the latest driver from the Toshiba WLAN support. F.w.i.w. I am using a bluetooth mouse. I have checked the WiFi settings and Wireless N is enabled.

When I connect with wireless G (disable N) the connection works reliably for several hours without disconnects.

When I enable wireless N the connection seems to be on wireless N (I get a connection speed of 70-80 kbps) but it only holods for so many seconds or minutes.

Is there anything special I need to set in the wireless options to ensure it works more reliably?

My AP, a brand new Fritzbox 7270, is only 5 mtrs (15 feet) away from my location and my status shows maximum signal strength when I'm using wireless G.

What setting should I change / check to improve the quality of the wireless N connection?

22.02.2009, 11:19
Have you tried to update the firmware of your Fritzbox?
Check the manufactures website for an update.

Which OS do you use? In Vista you should disable the power saving feature from WLAN. This document could be useful for you: