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22.02.2009, 00:30
Hi all,

I'm thinking of buying a NB100-11R Linux netbook and would appreciate some feedback before I decide.

What I am wondering is, does the built-in wi-fi work with all types of keys/essids, i.e. can one use spaces in them, are 63 random printable ASCII character passwords okay and does WPA2 work?

I had an Eee pc 901 briefly, but found that the wi-fi adaptor in that (a Ralink RT2790) couldn't cope with some of the above. I'm hopeful that the NB100's adaptor (an Atheros AR5007EG, I understand) will be okay as I haven't seen any problems of this nature in this forum.

Thanks in advance for your comments.


23.02.2009, 10:59

i have this netbook, with ubuntu remix and ubuntu 8.10 and the wpa 2 it's okay with both.
i prefer use wicd for the wireless connection in ubuntu.

23.02.2009, 21:46

I have asked Google and I founded out that WPA2 should not be a problem with your Atheros WLAN card.

So try it and I think it should work.


25.02.2009, 22:33
Thanks for your comments so far. It's useful to know that others have had success with WPA2. Can anybody confirm that all WPA keys/essid's are handled okay, including ones with spaces, special characters etc.? I'm a bit wary following my bad experience with Asus eee pc, though I have to say that I've always found Toshiba laptops good and suspect that the lack of forum posts with problems about wireless tells its own story.