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22.02.2009, 00:20

My new brand NB100 was working OK for a few days, but suddenly it refuses to hibernate. An error message is displayed saying (more or less) "The 101/102 keys keyboard controller or the natural MS HID controller are not allowing the unit to hibernate".

I have tried deleting both controllers but they are reloaded automatically after restart.

I use an external USB Logitech deluxe 250 keyboard and mouse.I have not installed any driver for them (it was not necessary)

The problem remains even if I do not connect both devices.

The OS is windows XP home (the original that came with the netbook)

Any help, please?

Thank you.

22.02.2009, 10:18
I think the problem is caused of the external keyboard.

In your case I would try to install the drivers for the external keyboard. Normally you can find it on the CD that was delivered with the keyboard or you search on the manufactures website.

Good luck!

22.02.2009, 11:25
Thank you, but I think this is not the problem, because:

- I have installed no drivers. I plugged the devices in and they worked directly, without hibernating problems. This should mean the drivers were included in WinXP. Now, this MS annoying automatic update feature may have changed the drivers for the bad, without my notice. I have now disable the auto update, but the harm may be already done. What could I do? It seems we users have less and less control on our machines.

- I have checked the drivers at the Logitec site and they say that "no drivers are necessary for this device" (for Win XP)

- The netbook had been working OK with this same keyboard and mouse for a couple of weeks and it hibernated correctly. One evening it just started refusing the hibernation command

- I have tried disconnecting the kbd and mouse and deleting the controllers, but the problem is still the same. Both controllers are reinstalled automatically on start up, even with both Kbd and mouse disconnected. Another mistery.

_Hint_: It could be related to my modification of the "start" elements using msconfig. I had disabled lots of unnecessary elements that come included from Toshiba and I did not want. Anyway , even with those elements disabled, it continued working OK for a few days, until the problem suddenly showed up. Of course I have reset these files to the original status and now all are active again, but still the computer has the hibernating problem.

25.02.2009, 14:40
I phoned the Toshiba support service today concerning my problem.

Their only recommendation was reinstall the OS. This means losing all the data on the HD because the disk is formatted by the recovery CD, as I was told.

I will not do this, it is too much work to backup and reinstall the several GB I already have on this unreliable system.

What an effective warranty support we get! Astonishing indeed.

I think I have purchased the worst computer I could choose. At least it will be the last time I choose this brand.

Mr. moderator, please allow this comment in your Forum, if you can. Thank you

26.02.2009, 01:02
Hi, I'm going for the obvious, so apologies- have you tried uninstalling the updates and checking what action the lid closure is set to do. Don't dispair it really is a super notebook, even if Toshiba support is minimal!
Cheers Glyn

26.02.2009, 07:56
You just need to remove "Adobe Type Manager"


26.02.2009, 17:20
Great, AKUMA!

Your suggestion did the trick. Thank you very much indeed.

I have spent too many hours visiting forums and testing any idea I could find there (it seems to be quite a common problem). Nothing worked. I also consulted MS knowledge base but did not find the article you indicate. I suspected SP3 but did not know how to uninstall it (in case it was possible). Fortunately I did not.

In the meantime, as I was supposing I had to reinstall WinXP sooner or later (and format the HD), I modified the partitions, so that my data could stay safe in a different partition. It was very simple and free. So I want to share how I did it:

1. I downloaded the free Easus partition manager personal 1.6.4 from cnet downloads It is also here: http://www.partition-tool.com/.

I defragmented the HD (passed the window defragmenter tool four times until it could not improve the HD fragmentation any more),

3. Made a back up of all personal data files on a Sandisk pendrive 8GB (now they sell for about 10 Euro)

4. Using the Easus P.M, I reduced the initial 160 GB "C" partition to 60 GB

5. With Easus P.M I made a new logical partition on the unallocated space left (now it is unit "D")

6. I moved the data files to this new partition.

I hope this could be useful for beginners here. I did not know how to do this when I first received the netbook with just one partition so I stared loading it with programs and data. I recommend not to repeat my mistake and make a different partiton for data (and eventually, programs) before the HD is too loaded or you are forced to format "C" and lose everything.....

Thank you all for all the help received.