View Full Version : Portege M800-103 - Bluetooth not working in Linux

19.02.2009, 11:59

I've a Toshiba Portege M800-103 (PPM81A) and a dual boot system with Windows Vista and Ubuntu 8.1 x86_64 (recently installed).
Almost everything is working fine under Ubuntu except bluetooth, that isn't even recognized.

I also tried the toshset and the omnibook (with ectype=12) drivers. I had no sucess at all.

Some help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you

25.02.2009, 13:01
Have you checked OS support for this notebook model?
As far as I know this Portege is not Linux supported and Toshiba doesn’t offer BT stack for Linux.

Have you checked some Ubuntu forum? Maybe you can find useful info there. I can imagine many people have the same problem with different notebook models.