View Full Version : Ubuntu 8.1 hypernating + suspend problems on Satelite A300-15a

17.02.2009, 16:02
I got a Satelite A300-15a and I installed the Ubuntu os on it. But everytime I put it to suspend or hypernate, it never starts up again.
When I press the power button I get a black screen with glitch (green stripes on top)

Any ideas on how to fix it?

25.02.2009, 12:41

It is not easy to offer some solution to this. Satellite A300 is not Linux supported and with this issue you are on your own.
Check some Ubuntu forum. You have better chance to get good advice there.

Other way, if Ubuntu runs well you should be happy about it. This small issue should not be so important for you.

01.03.2009, 10:46
I haven't really looked into this very much---but I know I have the same problem. I usually keep my laptop plugged in and when I travel I just turn it off.

I'll try playing around with it a lil more tomorrow and see if I can find some answers. I have a m305 though...what is your graphics card?