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16.02.2009, 12:46

Do I have to go to the BIOS in order to enable this function or is it enabled automatically?

In case BIOS enter why has this been solved that way?

Couldn't it simply be available without any other hassle?

16.02.2009, 13:41
I really donít know what problems you have with the NB100 and why itís so difficult for you to check if the BIOS contains the Sleep and Charge USB option.

In my knowledge the NB100 supports 3 USB ports with Sleep and Charge function.
But if you want to know if itís enabled or disabled then press F2 button immediately after the notebook has been powered up to get the access to the BIOS setup.

Enjoy your small NB100

16.02.2009, 15:34
Well it is not that big problem checking the BIOS. But I'm not use to this way of enabling features of any pc. BIOS is in most cases something you keep your fingers off.

Thanks for your answers anyway.

PS. I love a tiny pc as NB100. When it comes from a quality manufacturer as Toshiba it is really a plus.

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16.02.2009, 15:44
Yes, I agreeÖ best regards dude