View Full Version : Satellite A100 - problem with ADSL connection

15.02.2009, 12:56

I've successfully installed ADSL modem, but the connection can be made only through Toshiba Software Modem - in connection propeerties in the field 'connect using' it is impossible to choose another modem than Toshiba Software.

I tried on another computer (not Toshiba) and saw that it connects through WAN/ATM/ADSL miniport. I have this network adapter in the device list on my Toshiba laptop, but have no idea how to make it connect through it.

Thanks in advance

24.02.2009, 19:24

This is really strange but have you installed your notebook with the recovery disk? If you reinstall it again with the Toshiba recovery disk the problem could maybe solved but Iím not sure.

Good luck and post your result!


03.03.2009, 13:11
Thank you for your advice. I installed from the recovery disk but the problem was actually in Eset antivirus software that blocked the modem. I installed other software and everything is OK now!

03.03.2009, 13:28
Great... Thank your the reply.